Everything You Need To Know About Acai

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If you are someone who loves acai and have arranged to get frozen acai wholesale rates, I’m sure you must be aware of the health benefits that come with it. We have gathered down some of the things you should know about acai in terms of health.

You may have seen acai a lot in pictures especially on Instagram as a very good-looking fruit, but have you ever had a chance to try it? It is one of those fruits that is commonly known for being used in smoothies and fruit salads, but there’s more to know about acai than them having good looks and amazing taste.

Qualities of Acai

Acai is a fruit that is found on palm trees in the rainforests of South American regions. Acai look a lot like grapes in looks. The seed of the fruit takes up to eighty percent of the berry whereas, the remaining twenty percent consists of the flesh, vitamins and their nutrients. And to top it up, that a cup of berries take up to 70 calories. Here’s what else you need to know about acai;

  1. Antioxidants: berries are commonly known for their antioxidant nature and the same goes with acai which are packed with the same feature that can help build the immune system of a human body to protect cells from any damages that may occur otherwise.
  2. Fiber: acai berries are those fruits that are full of fiber that allow you to keep yourself full for longer hours. They also make your bathroom trips regular and make your blood sugar maintained and stable.
  3. Hearty Healthy Fats: if you are someone who is very health and diet conscious and often believes that the only source to get omega 3 fatty acids are from avocados, nuts and fish, well then, you are wrong. Acai are another great source to get the same omega 3 fatty acids. Having consumed a good proportion of these allow you to lower the risk of heart diseases and improves the overall cholesterol levels.
  4. Calcium: lastly, acai are very good sources of providing your body with the calcium it needs. These berries keep the heart, bones, muscles and nerves healthy and strong.

Health Claims

A lot of people believe that having acai consumed is one of the best ways to keep your healthy lifestyle intact. Here are some of the ways how acai can help you in maintaining your health;

  1. Heart Diseases: having a diet that is rich in vegetable and fruits including acai prevents heart diseases.
  2. Cancer: diets that are produced filled such as acai can be used to lower the chances of cancer.
  3. Weight loss: one of the most commonly used fruit in losing weight is acai.