What To Do When You Get Stuck In A Writing Assignment?

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The written word has a certain power to it. This is probably why even today, though the present world is mostly run by electronics, there are somethings that are more meaningful when its in writing. Though our modern education has changed quite a lot in the last few decades, from the way its taught, to the subjects itself, writing is still a major part of our education. Writing assignments can get harder than you think; especially if you dont prepare for it before hand or wait for the last possible moments. But despite preparing and having plenty of time, if you find yourself stuck in your assignments, then here are a few tips to help you out.

Make sure to keep away from all distractions

Sometimes, our distractions can be what gets us stuck on our writing. Prior to starting, try and keep away anything that can be a potential interruption. If youre working at home, children, sibling and even pets can be more distracting than you think; find a spot to work where you cant hear them or see them. Keep your mobile phone away from you until youre done writing. This way, you dont get tempted to check your phone every time you get an alert. Likewise, social media too has to be ignore; and this includes those tabs you have running in the background.

Sip and munch while you work

Most people feel drained while they work. This is because of the energy that was consumed while working. Munch on something light, and keep yourself hydrated. This way, your hunger wont distract you. Make sure that its nothing too heavy; itll only make you uncomfortable, or even sleepy. Go for something like nuts or dried fruits. Buy them online if its not available in your locality. Buying nuts in bulk online can be cheaper sometimes

Grab a power nap

Even if you buy dried fruits online and munch on them while you work, there are moments when its just too hard to keep awake. If youre having a headache, or just feeling frazzled, take a short break to rest your mind. Grab a power nap. Ideally, naps are best taken between 12 and 4 pm. Later than this, you might feel groggy after, and it may even interfere with your night sleep. Make sure that youre not sleeping for less than 20 minutes and more than half an hour, so that you wake up in a better condition to write. Browse this website if you are looking for dried fruits.

Do some light exercises

Writing for a long period of time can make your body stiff and uncomfortable. This can sometimes become a hindrance to your writing. Whenever you feel your body begin to stiffen up, opt to take a short brisk walk, or even a little light exercise. Star jumps/jumping jacks are one of our personal favorites, as it helps to warm up the body fast. This short burst of energy will help your creativity flow once more; inevitably helping you if youre stuck in your writing